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Nothing will pick up your holiday gifts and decorating better than the Sunrise Holly Farms 10 varieties of holly.


The trees have been tended all year and are loaded with berries. The glossy green leaves are a perfect backdrop for the plump clusters of red berries. The Silver Tip Holly also has berries this year, which is very exciting!

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Sunrise Holly Farm Gift Boxes of cut Hollies are the perfect gift for decorating your home during the holidays!

We choose beautiful sprays of Green Leaf Hollies or the mixed boxes of Green Leaf and Silver Tip, which complement each other so beautifully. Both Hollies are covered with red berry clusters for traditional Christmas decorating. You will be thrilled with any gift box combination!

No. Box Size Description
1 16x6x6 Sprigs of all Green Leaf Hollies w/Berries
2 18x12x6 Sprigs of all Green Leaf Hollies w/Berries
3 16x6x6 Mixed: Green Leaf & Silver Tip Hollies w/Berries
4 18x12x6 Mixed: Silver Tip & Green Leaf Hollies w/Berries
5 16x6x6 Nosegays - 18 or 20 selected tips of Green Leaf Hollies w/Berries for table favors, corsages, or floating
6 18x12x6 ELEGANT BOX: deluxe medley of Green Leaf English Hollies, Yellow Berry, Silver Tip and Nosegay Tips w/Berries
Beautiful Holly Wreaths are perfect for holiday gifts!
Call 360-387-6655 or e-mail us to place your select order.

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